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Checklist for a new joiner in a new Organization

This checklist provides an overview of the tasks and steps that a new employee should take when joining a new organization. The checklist includes reviewing and signing any necessary paperwork or contracts, such as an offer letter, employee handbook, and non-disclosure agreements, setting up an email account and other necessary technology, attending orientation or onboarding sessions to learn about the company's culture, policies, and procedures, meeting with the manager and team members

  1. Meet and introduce yourself to your colleagues and team members For example, schedule meetings with your immediate team members and manager to introduce yourself, learn more about their roles, and how you can best support them.

  2. Review and familiarize yourself with the company's policies and procedures. For example, read through the employee handbook to understand the company's policies on things like vacation days, dress code, and expectations for attendance.

  3. Attend any onboarding or training sessions that are provided. For example, attend any sessions that are offered on company systems, processes, or products so that you can begin to understand how your role fits into the larger organization.

  4. Learn about the company's culture and values. For example, take time to observe how people interact with each other, what is important to the company, and what the company is passionate about.

  5. Get to know the company's technology and tools. For example, take the time to learn how to navigate the company's email system, intranet and other software tools you will be using in your daily work.

  6. Ask questions and seek out help. For example, don't be afraid to ask questions or seek out guidance from your colleagues or manager, as they are a valuable resource during the onboarding process.

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